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Ensure your health and your baby’s health with consistent prenatal care.

To ensure your health and the health of your baby before you give birth, you need to make prenatal care a priority. I am a midwife in the York, South Carolina area, and providing comprehensive prenatal care to expecting mothers through regularly scheduled visits is a large part of what I do.

Prenatal Care in York, South Carolina

I recommend scheduling prenatal care visits with me every four weeks until you reach 28 weeks gestation, every two weeks from 28 weeks to 36 weeks gestation, and every week from 36 weeks gestation until you deliver your baby. During your prenatal visits, we will discuss how to have a healthy pregnancy, and this looks different for every expecting mother I work with. This may include going over how to alleviate pregnancy-related discomfort, offering you nutritional counseling, talking about what you desire for the upcoming birth, and more.

Every prenatal care appointment will also involve some standard checks to monitor your health and the health of your baby. For example, I will check your baby’s position, take your vital signs, and listen to your baby’s fetal heart tones. I can also give you referrals for other important services, like ultrasounds, backup medical care, childbirth education classes, and more.

Focusing on your mental and physical health during the prenatal period is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy birth and delivery while also making sure your goals and desires for the birth are met. To schedule a prenatal appointment with me at Birth Choice or to find out more about my midwifery services, contact me today.

At Birth Choice, I can assist with prenatal care for those in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Clover, Chester, York, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Chesterfield, and Pageland, South Carolina.