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Adjust to life with your newborn with my help.

The experience of giving birth and having a baby is both overwhelming and exciting. As you get used to caring for your newborn, you may experience many joyful moments in addition to feelings of overwhelm, fear, or even depression. The postpartum period brings up many intense emotions, and as your midwife, I am here to help you cope, recover from birth, and get used to this new time in your life with a baby.

Postpartum Care in Lancaster, South Carolina

My options for postpartum care for women in Lancaster, South Carolina are comprehensive. For instance, during those first few weeks after you deliver, I can give you breastfeeding guidance and support, make sure you are progressing with physical healing, and talk to you about family planning for the future. I can also help and guide you as challenges arise while you get used to caring for your new baby, provide information about available community resources for new mothers, and do routine newborn weight checks and feeding evaluations.

The first few days and weeks after you give birth are imperative for successful bonding with your newborn and making the emotional and physical transition to parenting. As your postpartum care provider, I will offer the guidance you need while ensuring your stable physical, mental, and emotional health.

I specifically designed my postpartum care options to support new mothers during the wonderful yet uncertain period after giving birth. Find out more about how I can help you after your new baby comes by contacting me today.

At Birth Choice, I can assist with postpartum care for those in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Clover, Chester, York, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Chesterfield, and Pageland, South Carolina.