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Labor & Birth, Lancaster, SC

My goal is to help you have the labor & birth experience you want.

Labor & Birth in Lancaster, South Carolina

When it comes to labor & birth in Lancaster, South Carolina, you may not realize that you have options about how you can have your baby. At Birth Choice, I am here to help you decide between two major birthing options: home delivery and hospital delivery.

Here are some of the reasons to consider a home setting for labor & birth:

  • You will be able to move around and position yourself differently throughout labor and delivery. This can increase comfort, decrease pain levels, and encourage the proper positioning of your baby.
  • You can choose who will attend the birth. If you want to have relatives, friends, or even the baby’s siblings present at the birth, staying at home gives you the flexibility to decide what is best for your growing family. You can also choose to just have your partner and midwife present.
  • You are in control of the birth. You can change the lighting, music or temperature in your home, depending on your preferences at the time.

We will discuss what you desire for labor & birth during your prenatal appointments. Know that I advocate for whatever you think is best for you and your baby, so whether you choose a home birth or decide to give birth in the hospital, I will provide continual support based on my experience working with expecting mothers and new babies.

Labor & birth can be an exciting experience, and I am here to provide support during all phases. Please contact me at Birth Choice today if you would like to learn more.

At Birth Choice, I can assist with labor & birth for those in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Clover, Chester, York, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Chesterfield, and Pageland, South Carolina.