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Prenatal Care in York, South Carolina

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is key to ensuring a healthy and safe labor and delivery. At Birth Choice, I am dedicated to providing complete care to expecting parents in Lancaster, South Carolina, starting with prenatal care, throughout labor and delivery, and postpartum...
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I have been supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies for over 25 years. As a midwife with over 25 years of experience, I help and encourage new mothers after they give birth. One common area in which mothers and babies often...
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Midwifery in Lancaster, SC

Labor & Birth

My goal is to help you have the labor & birth experience you want. When it comes to labor & birth in Lancaster, South Carolina, you may not realize that you have options about how you can have your baby....
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Baby Care in Lancaster, South Carolina

Baby Care

I can provide baby care guidance after you bring a new little one home. There is nothing like bringing a new baby home to love and care for. Although a rewarding process, following giving birth, keeping up with your baby's...
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Postpartum Care in Lancaster, South Carolina

Postpartum Care

Adjust to life with your newborn with my help. The experience of giving birth and having a baby is both overwhelming and exciting. As you get used to caring for your newborn, you may experience many joyful moments in addition...
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