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I was at the health food store with my oldest son recently and ran into the husband of a client. His wife had their baby last fall and then they moved out of town. We caught up on the baby’s progress etc. and then I introduced him to my son. I introduced him by his first name and later I wondered if it would have been more polite for me to introduce my client as Mr. “Lastname.” And then it hit me that this father is only one year older than my son! He has just finished college himself. Since he was married and had a child I viewed him as older and more mature. But their maturity levels are as close as their ages.

A few days ago I attended a mom who is also only one year older than my son and she had her second baby. I realized I had my first son when I was her age. I’m not sure how I feel about this!

When I was a new midwife I looked forward to being older than my clients and to having gray hair, wrinkles, and more wisdom. Now it’s here and I like the wisdom part and I’m glad to be an older mother-figure to them. I’m resisting the gray hair though. I have plenty of it but am not ready to let it all hang out yet. Maybe when I’m actually a grandmother I’ll mark the occasion by giving up my L’oreal. Ummm, maybe . . .