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Haven’t written in a long time but today’s birth sparked some inspiration. I’ve recently started attending yoga classes. Since I rarely exercise yoga is new for me and rather difficult. Getting in the right mind set to actually leave the house and go to a class where I have to do something that I’m not proficient at in front of others is not easy. But once I’m there I realize that no one is judging me and that it’s all about meeting or surpassing my own inner limitations. Sometimes I push myself to try something new or do something better and sometimes I give just up. Sometimes I just make up my own private pose and push myself within that position.
Recently I realized in class that I’m making myself stronger so that I can serve others better. I’m creating endurance and finding metaphors.

Yesterday I went to a birth for a first time mama. First timers are usually long and sometimes more difficult and often challenging in some way. This one was only challenging and difficult because it was so long. I was with her for almost 24 hours and even though it was tiring this mom was such an example of pushing yourself to higher levels and surpassing any conceived limitations. She never gave up, never lost hope, never said she wanted or needed medical help. My slightly better endurance from yoga helped me stay with her and hold her faith. So many moms just give up when you’ve checked them for the fourth time in 8 hours and they are STILL seven centimeters. But she never got discouraged and just asked me to be with her. I find it hard to just BE sometimes and so I’m happy to have the practice. I admit, I’m happy now because it’s over and we succeeded, just like in yoga class when it’s over and I’m glad I did it. There are times during both that I just want to give up and go be a sofa slob, but there are also times in the middle of the difficult positions or difficult labors that I’m just grateful to be right there right now.

There’s a song that has “right here, right now” in the chorus (don’t know the title or artist) and for some reason, that song has been playing in my head for a few days. Must have heard it somewhere.