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Today I pulled out my new 2009 day timer and retired my 2008 book after looking through it to review the year. I often feel like I never accomplish enough but this was a good way to see that I get plenty done. In general I took care of my family, served my religious community, worked 2 jobs, and gathered with friends.

The more specific highlights include my youngest son’s graduation from high school and my older son advancing to his junior year of college. I hosted 4 Feasts, helped plan 3 holy days, and went to one Baha’i conference. I hosted Thanksgiving in my home (another holiday and feast). I supported midwifery legislation in our state capital and taught American midwifery practices to international medical professionals. I finished a 3 year term as chairperson of the Midwife Advisory Council to our state Department of Health and Environmental Control and began a 2 year term as President of our state chapter of Licensed Midwives. I attended 6 local and out-of-town workshops on various midwifery topics to further my education.

I took care of mamas and babies and remembered to take care of myself too (my day timer showed appointments for 2 massages, 2 dental appointments and several haircuts). I went to quite a few music shows, including my son’s bands. I turned 45 and celebrated with friends.

Through research, meetings, interviews, planning and consulting I helped a friend with the beginning stages of opening a birth center in our area. The birth center hasn’t come to pass yet but my homebirth practice was busy with countless perinatal visits and 20 births. I fulfilled a long time goal to practice midwifery in another country when I went to the Dominican Republic.

I said goodbye to a friend who moved back to her hometown in West Virginia and goodbye to a friend who got married and left to travel the world. Most importantly I said goodbye to my dear stepfather who winged his flight to the next world. My mother, my siblings and I prepared his physical body for burial and planned and carried out a beautiful funeral and memorial service — a first for most of us. I was struck by the similarities in the rites of passage in birth and in death.

I voted this year! I attended a monthly lunch for midwives and doulas. I worked 16-25 hours weekly at The Bookstore. And I prayed daily. I plan to accomplish a lot more in 2009.