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We Americans have a tendency to want to polarize our thinking.  You’re either for this or against that.

The good news is that 68 national and international experts on maternity care found common ground on a great number of issues.

Participants included:

  • Home Birth Consumers and Potential Consumers
  • Consumer Advocates (including doulas, childbirth educators, women’s health care activists)
  • Home birth Midwives (CNM, CPM, LM, Amish, Traditional,etc)
  • Maternal-Child Health Collaborating Providers (pediatrics, L&D nursing, neonatal nurses and physicians, CNMs who receive referrals)
  • Obstetricians and Family Practice Obstetrics
  • Health Care Models, Systems, and Administrators
  • Payors and Liability Insurers
  • Health Policy, Legislators, Regulators, and Ethicists
  • Public Health, Research, and Education

Read the complete report of the Home Birth Consensus Summit, which was held in Warrenton, Virginia, from October 20-22, 2011.

If you have specific questions about best practices in birth and how to choose between hospital, birth center and home birth options, you can either contact me or check these resources: