Early Labor, Rock Hill, SC

Early labor is a sign your body is getting ready for delivery.

Early Labor in Rock Hill, SC

Going into early labor can be an unexpected part of pregnancy, but if you do go into early labor, I urge you not to panic. In many cases, your body may only be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions to prepare for delivery. At the same time, there are signs you should watch out for that indicate you should either contact me or visit a hospital in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area.

For instance, you should seek assistance if your water breaks, you experience heavy vaginal bleeding, or your baby moves minimally or not at all. Additionally, you should seek help if you experience severe headaches, notice your hands or face become swollen, or you have intense pain in your abdominal region or stomach.

For many women, early labor can last for a lengthy period of time. While the early contractions may persist for a day or two, or simply start and then stop again, you can cope with this discomfort by drinking plenty of water and eating on a frequent basis. I encourage you to stick to your routine as much as possible, but do not exert too much energy to the point where you become exhausted. Getting plenty of rest at this stage is essential as you get ready to go into active labor and delivery.

I would be happy to give you more information about early labor and how to manage this stage of pregnancy. For more information or to schedule your first appointment, get in touch with me at Birth Choice today.

At Birth Choice, I can assist with early labor for those in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Clover, Chester, York, Lake Wylie, Tega Cay, Chesterfield, and Pageland, South Carolina.