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The experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and caring for a newborn all involve an overwhelming number of choices – choices about how best to care for yourself during pregnancy, newborn planning and care, and the list simply goes on and on. As you prepare to deliver your baby, one of the many choices before you may be where would be best to give birth, and whether home birth is the right choice for you, your partner and your baby. As such, here are a few reasons why choosing home birth may be the empowering choice that can benefit both you and your baby on your big day:

  • When deciding on a home birth, you may be deciding on the option of being able to move around in the comfort of your own home, to be able to adjust your body to its most comfortable positioning, and to be in your most familiar environment. Essentially, you are choosing the option of more freedom during childbirth, which, if you know your mind and body, may be the perfect choice for you.
  • A home birth also allows you to choose who will be present at the birth of your child. You will be able to have the people in attendance fill any role that you choose and provide emotional support.
  • Giving birth at home also allows you the opportunity to ensure you are feeling your most comfortable by adjusting music, lighting, temperature, etc.  All of these elements will be within your control.

Ultimately, you set the tone with a home birth, and, as mentioned above, you will already be in a familiar, comfortable environment. Another benefit may be that your baby will be instantly presented to the various germs and allergens naturally occurring in your home, which will further help the baby adapt more quickly to their new world.

I have seen hundreds of babies born safely in their mothers’ homes. However, if your home birth requires additional intervention because of a complicated pregnancy or problems during labor, it is best to go to the hospital. I will accompany you to provide continuity of care and support during the birthing process.

I would be more than happy to provide further information about the benefits of home birth. Contact me today to find out more about what to expect from me as your midwife and delivering in the comfort of your own home.