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Many women today choose natural childbirth because they feel that they adequately know and understand their bodies. If you have chosen a natural childbirth, these strategies can enhance your success and improve your overall experience:

  • Make your health a priority—The journey of a successful, natural childbirth begins well before those first contractions. For a healthy birth and a healthy baby, the first and most important key is a healthy mother. Be good to your body by staying as active as possible and eating foods rich in nutrients. Midwifery care can help you plan safe exercise regimes and help instruct you in appropriate eating habits, if this is an area in which you need some added direction.
  • Know and understand why you chose natural childbirth—You shouldn’t choose to have a natural childbirth because it has become trend, or because you know that a friend or a popular icon has recently decided to take this direction. Think about why you want to have a natural childbirth and remember this during your pregnancy and labor. Ensure at all times that home birth is your choice. Make a list of pros and cons before deciding, and go with what you feel most comfortable with for such a life-changing event. It is your family’s journey. No one else should direct your course.
  • Have a strong support team—As your midwife, I will be right by your side throughout labor and delivery. I also encourage you to have birth attendants of your choosing who support your goals there to provide emotional support as you give birth to your new baby. Chose the right team for you, and be sure you are surrounded by loving support, kindness, patience and strength.