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I can help you have a healthy home birth.

Since the beginning of time, women have been giving birth in the safety and comfort of their own homes. If the thought of giving birth at home appeals to you, I am here to support you during pregnancy, as you labor, during delivery, and as you recover postpartum. I will honor your choices at every point in this process because I believe there are many benefits of a home birth.

Benefits of Home Birth in Chester, North Carolina

I often recommend home births because as you labor, you can move around as you choose in a position that feels the most comfortable. By giving birth at home, you can also choose who you want to be there, whether you only want your partner there or you would like to invite several close friends and family members. Having a home birth allows you to adjust the music, lighting, and temperature as you labor, so you are as comfortable as possible.

There are many benefits of a home birth, besides the ones I covered above. During your prenatal appointments, I can help you decide if you would like to proceed with a home birth. I will also help you properly prepare your home for labor and delivery, so you are ready to welcome your new baby.

I am always happy to tell you more about the benefits of a home birth and to help you prepare to give birth at home in Chester, North Carolina. Contact me at Birth Choice today if you have any questions.

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