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Noah“From the moment I met Damaris I knew that this experience would be different than my others. My goal was to have a homebirth (my last 2 had been at a birth center). From the office visits to the home visits and the birth she instilled in me the qualities of patience, joy and understanding. If I had questions or concerns she made me feel most comfortable with calling or texting and was very prompt at responding. Even though I knew she had other clients she made me feel as if I was the only one she was attending. I never felt out of place. My kids loved her and it just seemed as if she had always been a part of our family. She made a great difference in my birth experience, one that I will never forget.”
“Bonny Kate was born on December 19, 2011. She is our sixth child and fifth homebirth with Damaris.  Since our first homebirth in 1999 Damaris has shown us in so many ways the priceless value of a trained midwife. She has demonstrated her knowledge and experience at each of our births and has also guided us through two miscarriages. We are so thankful for her ability to assist us in navigating the birthing process and for her wisdom and confidence to give the mother’s body the chance to do what it was designed to do. Damaris is a truly wonderful midwife and a truly wonderful friend.”
“Damaris assisted me with the last 3 of my 4 homebirths.  Her skill and expertise gave me the confidence to entrust her with my maternity care and delivery.    My husband’s comment about Damaris after our last homebirth was, “She has truly become a master at what she does”.   I am thankful I chose Damaris as my midwife and would recommend her to anyone who wants to experience a natural birth at home.”
“I just have to thank you again.  Jason and I feel so lucky that we were able to have Sydney at the birth center and especially that you were our midwife!!!”