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WHY Homebirth?

When you choose to have your baby at home you have freedom to:

  • Move around and to eat and drink as you please.
  • Choose who will be present at your birth. You may invite supportive friends and family members to attend your birth in any role you choose (for labor support or to prepare food).
  • Include siblings, to the degree that you feel comfortable. Children love to participate during the birth or afterwards when they can help weigh and dress the baby.

When you choose to give birth in your own home, you set the tone.

  • You’re in a familiar, comfortable environment.
  • Your baby is already immune to the germs and allergens in your home.

I’ve seen hundreds of babies born safely in their mothers’ homes, however, if you have a complicated pregnancy or if problem arises during labor, then it’s best to be in the hospital. If it becomes necessary to bring a mother to the hospital during labor I will stay with her to provide support and continuity of care.

Cost for Homebirth

Many insurance companies do cover midwifery fees. My insurance billing service can check what your particular policy covers. Homebirth with a midwife is less than half the cost of an uncomplicated pregnancy and hospital delivery. I provide payment plans for families paying cash and I also take credit card payments.