Birth Choice Posted by Damaris June 25th, 2018

Damaris Pittman – Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife

My name is Damaris Pittman and I’m a Certified Professional Midwife licensed to practice in South Carolina. I live near the NC/SC border and also offer doula services in the greater Charlotte area. With 25 years of homebirth experience under my belt I am still awed at how unique each birth is!

Today’s midwifery is a blend of current evidence-based practice and the timeless, personalized art of woman-to-woman care. Working with low-risk women and their families, I share years of knowledge and experience and I honor your birth choices. Midwife means “with woman” so my role is not to direct you, but to walk beside you on your journey. Being actively involved in all the decisions and responsibilities that affect you and your baby is the best way to assure a safe, healthy and happy birth.


birth center

“I just have to thank you again. Jason and I feel so lucky that we were able to have Sydney at the birth center and especially that you were our midwife!!!”

Midwife-led Continuity of Care

This study did not include homebirths though it did focus on the model of care that almost every homebirth midwife follows--continuity of care. The benefits are clear: less pain medications, more spontaneous vaginal deliveries (meaning fewer births assisted by forceps...

Safe Cesarean Prevention

My introduction to midwifery began, first, with my own natural deliveries with midwives, and then with my enthusiastic immersion into all things birth. During my second pregnancy I was asked to speak to a group that, at the time, was called Cesarean Prevention...

A Year that Asks

I’ve had this quote on my refrigerator for many years. The author wrote one of my favorite books.               This year asked A LOT of questions.  It is a year that I’m glad is over. It was cloudy and wet with rain & with tears. There were tough decisions and...